19 September 2008

Picking up the thread

Over the past three years — I've been blogging for nearly three years now — I've written a series of topics to relate some of the reasons for our move to France in 2003 and to document the process of finding a house in France, selling one in California, and getting all the paperwork for the move done. Here's a list of at least some of those topics:
  1. Quitting California
  2. Going to Amboise
  3. Monday in Montrichard
  4. Seeing Saint-Aignan for the first time
  5. The house at La Renaudière
  6. It all starts to blur
  7. Where do we sign?
  8. Back to California
  9. Deciding to sell
  10. Scaling back and facing realities
  11. May Day, now and then
  12. From there to here
  13. The way it was supposed to be
This morning I started to think seriously of writing some more about our move to France in 2003. When I wrote the posts listed above (they are links to previous topics) I seem to have left off at the point when we put our house on the market in San Francisco and started researching the process for getting long-stay visas for ourselves from the French authorities and permission to import the dog into France.

Then, this morning, I started readying topics about Collette and her death in 2006 and got completely wrapped up in those memories. Now I don't feel like writing. I don't have time. If you want to read a little about Collette, click the "Collette dog" entry on the index in the sidebar on the right.

We have company coming tomorrow for the weekend, and I have to go out to do some shopping — I need to go to three different supermarkets. And then I need to come back and straighten up the house a little bit.

So I'm postponing. Not procrastinating, just postponing.


  1. Enjoy your company, Ken. I'm sure the villagers will enjoy seeing you again as you shop- three stores in one day, oh là là.

    Sorry you had to revisit those memories of Collette- I do that also and dread the fact that our Maybelle is 14 1/2 years old now. I just started "Travels with Charley" and have had pleasant memories of the time we travelled with our two poodles.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your cross country trip with Collette. I had known you for a short while then.

  2. had to put down my 20 year old schnoodle this past june.....he was a velcro dog & now i feel like i'm missing a limb

  3. Nothing wrong with a bit of creative procrastination Ken.

    There is much that Simon and I can identify with in those old posts. You are amazingly clear eyed and clear headed about the changes you have made.

    Walt seems to be thriving on it – he appears to have lost weight and looks younger than in these photos from only a few years ago.

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  5. We'll all wait until you're comfortable picking up the story again :) I just enjoyed reading all of the installments up to now, most, but not all, of which I had read earlier this summer, but it was nice to read them all in order. You know the hotel you and Walt stayed in near Ecole Militaire, Hotel Muguet? That's where I stayed the last time I was in Paris, in 2003, I think it was! I liked it very much.

    Hope your weekend with guests is lovely :)



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