17 September 2008

September 16, 2003

How can it be five years ago? What do they say? ...when you're having fun.

Somewhere in France

The somewhere is near Bouges, south of Valençay, in the Indre. I guess you'd need a horse to travel down this path.

The same place, or very close by

For the road above, you wouldn't need a horse, but a "two-horse" car. See below.

This a "two-horse(power)" car, a Deux Chevaux or 2CV.

Happy traveling.


  1. More than a Maserati or a Rolls, for the longest time I wanted a Deux Chevaux. There's something very endearing about its sardine-can looks. By now, though, they're likely all so old that you'd need a full-time mechanic on your payroll.

  2. These cars are so cute! Whenever I see one in France I take a picture of it and if the owner is around he has always been happy to have his car photographed.



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